Trader Joe's Daffodils

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Up until a few years ago, I was against spending money on cut flowers. It seemed like such a waste of money to buy them only to have them die a few days later. I’ve since changed my mind. Having cut flowers in the house is so nice, especially during the late winter and spring months. However, I still don’t like spending a lot of money on them, which is why Trader Joe’s has become my go-to for inexpensive flowers. This time of year I especially love to buy their little bundles of daffodils. The first time I bought them I was skeptical as to how they would turn out since they are basically green stems lying in boxes with no water, but to my surprise, they begin blooming within hours of cutting the ends and getting them in water, and they last for several days in a cheery bright yellow bloom. And each little bundle (about 6 flowers) is only $1.49! I think the daffodil season is coming to an end soon, so get some before they’re gone!