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If you love Jen Sincero’s Badass books as much as we do then you’re probably familiar with her suggestion to give yourself a daily mantra, something that reminds you and your badass self that you can seize the day and/or conquer the world (her words are far better than mine). One of Jen’s examples of an effective mantra is to recite “I’m just a little bunny, working through my issues” at times when you feel less than Badass. Me? A bunny? BRILLIANT. How could I, or anyone else for that matter, be disappointed in me if I’m just a little bunny...with issues? Her example stuck and I now find myself reciting it whenever I feel the urge to spout out the self-deprecating word vomit that typically follows a proverbial misstep. As soon as I remind myself that I am indeed just a little bunny, I feel the burden to be perfect lifted from my shoulders, my mood lightens, and I keep going.

If you are also just a little bunny, you’ll love our (free) downloadable phone wallpaper. Follow the steps for your device and start working through those issues one hop at a time.


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