I will probably always get excited about going to Ikea. It’s a list-making kind of excitement. For those who are not “listers,” that means you do “research” and make lists like a crazy person to “streamline” your experience. Living in a small, somewhat isolated town, I don’t make it there often, so when I do, I make it count. Last fall an upcoming trip to Portland included an IKEA stop so I spent a little time perfecting my plan of attack. I was on a mission to refresh a good portion of our lighting, including the light in our dining room. We had just moved into our home, which is a mid-century surrounded by forest with a lake nearby and I wanted to create a natural, but modern vibe. Something simple but with texture, interesting but not overpowering. After perusing the IKEA site at least a half dozen times, I had narrowed it down to the SINNERLIG pendant as my top contender.

A few weeks later, as we made our way to the lighting section, and my husband’s will to live dwindled, I had already committed to the SINNERLIG hanging above our table. It was perfect and, in true IKEA form, reasonably priced. Then I saw it, OUT OF STOCK. What?! No. This was my hidden gem that I discovered, how could it be out of stock? I remained calm and told myself it could wait until the next trip or I could just pay for shipping (which I hate thanks to Amazon Prime) and order it online. No big deal.

In the weeks that followed, I started to notice that the SINNERLIG was appearing in my Insta-feed. Not in the sponsored-post-social-media-stalking sort of way, but in photos of blogs and hashtags that I follow. It showed up often enough that my household has now become pretty used to my random shrieks of “And there it is again, that FREAKING IKEA light!” To top it off, a Brit+Co article written about the popularity of the light was served up to me on Facebook. Awesome. Apparently, this light is everywhere, except above my dining room table.

I’m sure you are dying to know if I ever got my hands on a SINNERLIG? Not yet, I’m playing hard to get, but we do have a trip to Portland planned and it’s possible that it’s at the top of my list.

Insta-Pics of people (who aren’t me) That got their hands on a SINNERLIG