Growing up my grandparents always had wallpaper in their house, usually a seventies-esque floral pattern of some sort that my grandma picked out. When I was in high school my grandma decided she was done with the wallpaper so we stripped off a couple of layers of wallpaper and painted the walls a nice creamy color. I thought that was the end of wallpaper and for a long time the mere mention of it made me shudder but as I’m sure you know, over the last several years wallpaper has made a strong comeback. At first, much like the comeback of macramé, I thought this comeback to be absurd. Then I discovered the wallpaper at Hygge & West and now I wonder – would it be wrong for me to put wallpaper in every room of my house? Follow Hygge & West on Instagram and dream of all the things you could wallpaper.

P.S. I like macramé now too – I guess don’t look to me to be on the forefront of home decor trends?