Up until a few years ago, my dinner rotation was pretty routine – teriyaki chicken, spaghetti, tacos. While those dishes are still definitely in the rotation, ever since I left my full-time work schedule I’ve found myself more willing to experiment with new recipes. In the past, I would come across a recipe and think that looks good, I should try making it but then I’d read a few sentences into the instructions and get overwhelmed. Spaghetti anyone?

What I’ve learned over these past few years is that there are actually quite a few recipes I could have been making that are very simple and could have easily been a part of my rotation.* This Roasted Chicken with Vegetables is so simple and it turns out delicious every time. Prior to discovering this recipe, I’d never made a roast chicken and now it’s become a family favorite. And added bonus, it’s a “gut-friendly” recipe featured in the 7-Day Reset Plan created by Dr. Chutkan, an integrative gastroenterologist and founder of Gutbliss. I usually add a few red or golden potatoes in addition to the sweet potatoes and sometimes serve it with rice. Best served on a cozy fall Sunday evening (or whenever you feel like it).

*In total honesty, despite the simplicity of this dish, I’m pretty sure I still wouldn’t have made it during my working full-time/four kids at home days. I’m pretty impressed with myself that I even made spaghetti and tacos.