My first concert was Anne Murray. I think I may have been around 8 or 9 – I’m not sure, but I do know that Ang still laments the fact that she was deemed too young too attend. Sorry, Ang. My memory of the concert is vague but I do remember riding a bus from Eugene to Portland with our grandparents, my older sister, and a cousin, and I remember my grandpa telling us to yell “Animal Crackers!” between songs in hopes that Anne would sing the song from our favorite Anne Murray album – There’s a Hippo in the Tub. Growing up, we religiously listened to this album and all other Anne Murray albums. My grandparents loved her, which meant we did too.

As parents, my sisters and I played this album for our own kids and it stood the test of time. When my son was younger he requested to listen to it daily and had specific songs he liked to listen to at bedtime. I have the album in iTunes, and every once in while my phone will connect to my car and start blasting “Animal Crackers.” While I realize this likely happens because it starts with an ‘A’ making it the first song in my music library, I prefer to think it’s a reminder from my grandparents that they are always with me.

Any Anne Murray fans out there?