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Thank you for stopping by! We’re Angela & Shirey  — two sisters who both found ourselves in transitional phases of life and so this blog was born out of our shared desire to learn, create, and connect (or as we like to say “to stay out of the dark place” and otherwise not knowing what to do with ourselves). Staged in the Pacific Northwest, we hope to highlight trends we connect with and share noteworthy finds, while we explore everything from recipes, books, family, and travel to a few DIYs (failed or not). Above all our mission is to learn from shared experiences, and to hopefully provide some relatable insights on life — all in the spirit of authenticity, growth, and good humor. We hope this blog might serve as a space of love and encouragement — a reminder to find comfort in the everyday and to make time to connect with whatever it is that tugs at your heart.

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Why Tea with Milk?

Tea with Milk is our homage to our grandma, Lois, who religiously drank several cups of Tetley black tea with milk every day. “Should we have some tea?” she’d say, the words barely leaving her lips before she clicked the switch on her electric teakettle. We happily obliged and prepared to settle in for a brief reprieve from the outside world. Our best memories are sitting at her kitchen table drinking tea while building puzzles, playing games, eating chocolate chip cookies, watching Lifetime movies, and studying the birds and squirrels out her kitchen window as they ate the food she put out each morning — rituals that continued well into our adult lives.

As adults, we’re able to see our grandma’s life through a different lens, mother of six, grandmother of many, small business owner, a woman who endured much — she carried burdens impossible for us to understand until we had more experience carrying some of those same burdens inherent to life and motherhood. We want this blog to be a space where we can speak authentically about those burdens and struggles — a luxury not available to our grandma’s generation — as well as a place to talk about all the things in life that bring us joy.

Grandma Lois loved shopping, lattes, chocolate, and make-up, getting her nails done, and planting her flower garden each spring. She was a talented crafter and maker of soups and chocolate chip cookies. She was also strong-willed and spoke her mind, especially when it came to those she loved. She didn’t appreciate half-assed work, tipping back in her dining room chairs, unmade beds, or having to unlock the door after her 10 PM curfew. She was wonderful and she was flawed, and she knew how to make us feel wanted and welcome no matter the circumstances.

We hope as you visit the pages of this blog that you might feel a sense of that same reprieve we had sitting around her table drinking tea with milk (and maybe some of us added sugar).