Angela Bukowski


Hello. I’m Angela. Sometimes Ang. Never Angie. Unless you’re my dad.

After 20 years in pursuit of happiness, my husband (who also happens to be my high school sweetheart) and I discovered that our “happiness” might just be right where we left it, in our small hometown on the Oregon Coast. With our 4 children (ages 9 to 18) as somewhat willing participants, and donning our best rain boots, we have begun to put down fresh roots and acclimate ourselves to the coastal lifestyle. Our return has forced me to realize that familiarity isn’t always comfortable. It can be messy, awkward, painful, and even lonely. But when you do stumble upon those little pockets of comfort, there is nothing else like it. Faces from your childhood in the grocery store, the sound of the ocean as you fall asleep, dinner with family on a perfectly regular Sunday, watching your favorite beach become your children’s favorite beach. That’s the good stuff.

Over the years, I’ve (somewhat unknowingly) put too much effort into molding my life into a square peg that was never going to fit into that round hole. I trimmed the corners so much, for so long, that life felt shapeless...but not anymore. I’m proud of my weirdly shaped life and our homecoming has given me the grace to find resilience in the complications of being alive. No longer fearing change, I’ve released the desire to conform and have a renewed focus on unleashing my inner mother, wife, daughter, sister, maker, and doer. Hopefully this blog, helps you discover not only what brings you comfort, but what inspires you to embrace what makes your life a little misshapen.